Top 3 Real Estate Online Portal in 2022

Top 3 Real Estate Online Portal in 2022

Top 3 Real Estate Online Portal in 2022

Tired of seeking out a top-quality real estate website in India for selling or buying a property, then we are here to assist you out with this irksome activity. Earlier, this was a straining process to fetch out a property dealer or an agent to rent or buy a home. The process included personal visiting of the properties, squeezing the higher demand of the rent with the owner, and then finally proceeding with the property.

But, nowadays, this annoying procedure is reduced to just a few clicks and while surfing through the internet you can channelise a property to buy or sell. The benefits of using online websites as a particular source of knowledge are as follows:

  • Effortless manner to find efficient property business deal.
  • The website content is updated on a day-to-day basis.
  • The customer can easily regain the key points of the property.
  • The websites provide insights into the holding with various orientations.
  • The foremost advantage is you receive a superior one-on-one discussion.  

To make you at ease, we are enlisting the top 5 real estate online portals to buy, sell or rent a property like flat in Delhi or India. The list is rendered after ranking multiple websites on the foundation of various components.

So, here are the TOP 3 Real  Estate Online portals in 2022.


Truehomes24 is a major brand name in the field of real estate online portals in India. The website offers a starring catalogue of the leading properties in more than 40 major cities of India. The Truehome24 is not just an internet site to buy, sell or lend property on rent, but it also helps individuals to gain major cognition regarding real estate taxation laws in India. The websites have grown over a small span of time while providing quality services to the clients with their cordial graphic-user interface.


MagicBricks, an undertaking of Times Internet Limited, was launched in 2006. It is the most trustworthy internet website of its time to buy, sell or lend a property on rent. The graphic user interface renders services to list as a property owner or as an agent. The website is updated on a frequent basis and the quality of the substance is kept. Further, it adds another filter to search properties listed by the owner to waive off the brokerage fees.

99 Acres

99 Acres, an online platform launched by Infoedge group in 2005. It is one of the favorite picks among the various platforms. The website owns a database of around 9 lakhs commercial as well as housing properties situated in 600 cities around the country. The website is identical friendly, i.e., works pretty well on all mobile platforms.

To conclude, this write-up discussed 3 top-notch real estate websites in India to buy or sell properties in India. Try using any of them from the above list and find which suits you the best according to your requirements.