Rich in heritage and beautiful monuments, Ahmedabad has grown into a prestigious city today. Over the years, Ahmedabad’s life has changed, and today Ahmedabad’s home has become a status symbol. Not only the people of Amdabad, but also the people of the neighboring districts moved here and started a new life.

The city of Ahmedabad was divided by the people of Ahmedabad. There are “Old Ahmedabad”, “New Ahmedabad” or “Shaher” and “City”.

The concept of a house with a wrist and a handle began in the old town of Ahmedabad. These crutches have brought about the beauty of a comprehensive life in which everyone works overtime as a family. There was no festival where not all members celebrated together. Over time, the need for space became more pronounced. People were looking for Western inspiration in the new building. Coincidentally, it was at this time that the influence of Western culture began to spread. With the opening of cinemas, restaurants and hotels, people began to imagine living outside crowded places.

The old town and the city are connected by seven river bridges, while the width of the free land awaits development. Interestingly, this development gained momentum as more opportunities emerged. Immediately everyone was waiting for the development of the “new Ahmedabad”. Exploration leads to discoveries that lead to construction. Over time, the city has grown as residential and commercial spaces become available for projects. Today, status and aspirations are rising, and urban dwellers are expecting more. The city changes borders and progress is endless.

In Ahmedabad,  villas expectations are always equal to desires. To the city that started from the wrist, Ahmedabad’s four BHK apartments seemed small, and it’s amazing that Ahmedabad had five BHK apartments. Today, Ahmedabad is recognized as a prestigious city, and infrastructure development is one of the factors that led to this stage.

The year is 2021 and Ahmedabad’s real estate development is amazing. India is proud to be part of this ever-expanding city and looks forward to adding new projects to the Ahmedabad skyline.

Luxury, comfort and warmth are just some of the factors that make a box a home. We’re here to bring you and more to The Stories project.

With a new BHK 4-5 residential accommodation project in Ahmedabad, the convenience of going home with the view that you are only dreaming of leaving the city is no longer a dream.

Ahmedabad’s housing schemes have emerged, the best for everyone. Here we are trying to offer you nothing more than the home of your dreams. We help you find a safe place to put everything you need in one place.

Stories is a residential project with luxury apartments in the prime location of a golf course in Ahmedabad. Shops focus on building a house, not another building. Stories build a home with warm affection, as people who love to meet, go home and meet share a home, and space never compromises. And a great view. Everything that builds a house is contained in this mix.

The project offers comfortable accommodation. Depending on the size and needs of the family, East Tower offers the love of a large family. West Tower, meanwhile, offers an introduction to duplex living.

The neighborhood, not just the neighborhood

Four family and home members and four residents of the building make the building a partnership. As they say, a community that is united, this relationship is a separate and chosen family. The life experience in Storis will be even more magical when you have the right people around you.

Playground – A place that gives life to small lives

Friendships from childhood last a lifetime and those that are formed in the shops become a family. There is something for everyone in the project, but young children should not feel abandoned. With that in mind, we have a special playground to keep them active, to get to know the outside world as they interact with nature, and to keep their eyes focused on the green instead of the dim light of cell phones. ⁇