Plot Selection Based On "Vastu"

Plot Selection Based On

Plot Selection Based On "Vastu"

Vastu Shastra, in my opinion, has a lot to do with bringing positivity into space. I know I'm hitting a nerve right now for all Hindu property buyers who prioritise Puja and Vastu when purchasing property in India. And this blog may be of interest to firm believers because I will highlight some Vastu Tips that will assist you in selecting the right plot to bring positivity into your life.


What is the ideal plot shape?

When purchasing a plot, the first consideration is its shape. According to Vastu, the plot should be square or rectangular in shape. Avoid steep triangular plots because they are inefficient for construction purposes as well.

Square plots are common for commercial plants, but they also work well for residential spaces. The square is considered the lucky plot shape to begin a commercial or residential construction because it is a sorted shape with no incomplete or missing corners. Choose plots that face north, north-east, or east.

Rectangular plots, like square plots, are proper in shape and complete, adding positivity to space. The rectangular plot with North and South slopes is your best bet for commercial and residential construction.

Lion Shape Plots, also known as "Shermukhi Plots" by Vastu, have a broad front that narrows towards the end. Exactly like the shape of a sitting Lion. The shape is said to bring the landowner prosperity and great fortune.

Cow shape plots, as the name implies, resemble the shape of a sitting cow, and the cow is considered a sacred animal in India. This plot shape automatically becomes the most sacred shape for Hindu religion followers.

What do the Directional Cutouts on your plots indicate?

When purchasing a plot, you can discuss vastu with your real estate expert, who will either guide you or connect you to a Vastu expert. The plot cutouts are as follows:

1. Cut to the north-east

According to Vastu, the North-East is the luckiest corner for purchasing land. On the contrary, if the plot has a cut in this direction, it is considered unlucky for purchasing.

2. Cut to the North-West

If you are looking for a long-term residence, a North-West Cut is not the best choice because it is associated with sickness in the family. This type of land is a loss and a downfall for commercial purposes.

3. Cut to the South-West

A pressure in your life is indicated by the South-West Cut. This pressure can be emotional, financial, health-related, job-related, financial, physical, or psychological in nature.

4. Cut to the South-East

The South-East Cut denotes an impediment in life. This poor decision can result in financial loss, disease, or the failure of a family business.

Quick tips and tricks for selecting the best plot


-> Avoid visiting a burial, graveyard, or cremation site.

-> Opt for full grounds with no cutouts.

-> No purchases of land adjacent to hospitals, nursing homes, or religious institutions.

Just say no to plots near dumps or sewage treatment plants.

-> Hills, mountains, and other elevated terrains are considered lucky only when they face west or south west.

-> According to vastu, the best plot for construction is one with four sides of roads.

-> Vacant land in the north or north-east is fortunate.

-> The land adjacent to a lake, canal, river, or other body of water is auspicious.


80% of Indian property buyers are concerned about Vastu and believe it is responsible for their future events. Vastu was the inspiration for my post today, and I hope it will be useful to you as you look for a plot to buy.

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